Water Bike Sicily

From the passion for the sea, from the natural beauties, from the natural paradise of the LAGUNA DELLO STAGNONE comes WATER BIKE SICILY.

The sector in which the initiative is part is that of WATER GAMES with ZERO environmental impact, within the Stagnone lagoon.

The WATER BIKE SICILY will take care in particular of making you admire the natural beauties by pedaling comfortably and safely among the waters of the Lagoon;

THE WATER BIKE was designed to allow you to navigate in the water,
it is approved to carry only the driver and a load equal to 120 kg for the driver's weight, with various alternatives to choose from, in single and tandem versions.

Thanks to the sturdy stainless steel structure, double-chamber inflatable boats in calendered polyurethane and retractable rudder, it has great adaptability for different situations and can be used in any body of water.

The WATER BIKE can be used in the presence of sun, wind and even rain.
It is advisable to sail up to: WIND: 18/20 knots, beyond it becomes uncomfortable and annoying.
SEA: force 3 according to the Beaufort Scale. MARINE OR FLUVIAL CURRENTS: less than 5 Km / h
WATER HEIGHT: 20/25 cm minimum depth.

The WATER BIKE can be used by everyone, it's as simple as riding a bicycle.

In a period where anxiety and stress increase, what better way to take a walk pedaling, caressed by the water, enjoying the unique scenery that the lagoon offers us ..

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Low season (May / June / September)

1 HOUR € 10
2 HOURS € 15
3 HOURS € 20

High season (July / August)

1 HOUR € 15
2 HOURS € 20
3 HOURS € 25



Low season (May / June / September)

1 HOUR € 20
2 HOURS € 30
3 HOURS € 40

High season (July / August)

1 HOUR € 30
2 HOURS € 40
3 HOURS € 50

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