Basic kitesurfing course

Our basic course is the essential step to becoming a kitesurfer. The basic course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn how to kitesurf on an ongoing basis, regardless of age, in complete safety. During the lessons in water you will be constantly assisted by radio, so that our qualified instructors will give you all
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Advanced kitesurfing course

Our advanced course is the ideal solution for the autonomous riders, your level of jumps, transitions and commitment will be literally boosted. The advanced course is to help you master old school hooked or new school unhooked jumps. It is a 1 hour full immersion, so that you will learn new tricks to add to
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Freestyle kitesurfing course

Your passion for freestyle is uncontrollable, you have already acquired a good level but you just want more: you want to get into the Hall of Fame. The solution you’ve been looking for is the advanced freestyle course. We have the skills required to teach you all the secrets of new school “unhooked” jumps, from
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Introductory course

The course is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of kitesurfing. Thanks to our beginners’ course, you will learn all the essential elements and safety aspects of kitesurfing, to get you to appreciate all its charm. In an hour, you will discover the physics and theory behind kitesurfing. You will also get
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Kitesurf equipment rent

Complete Rental: last generation Ozone kites equipment Board Harness Wetsuite PRICE PER PERSON: € 80,00 – 1 day |  € 30,00 – 1 hour